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Quick outdoor landscape lighting blue tap or run wire ...Cable With Buckle for Car

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As a professional Quick outdoor landscape lighting blue tap or run wire ...Cable With Buckle for Car manufacturer, we are committed to improve the production capacity.We have strong design capabilities and quality control capabilities to ensure the quality of our products.Our LED Blue Connectors has a world-leading manufacturing level and a reasonable price.We look forward to working with customers around the world.Really good suppliers will always do better in service than others.Thank you for making us acquainted.

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The Breakdown

the brand new era Bikecomm BK-T1 boasting BT 5 and an onboard sensor is aggressively priced and coming to the North American market later this 12 months. With one of the most clearest, longest intercoms ever used, incredible audio performance, a superb battery with quick charging and charging on the go, the BK-T1 has the goods.

Pairing & Connectivity


BT / Versatile fitment alternatives / Low profile BT module when equipped / smartly made, well-fitting pieces / long-range crystal-clear intercom audio / track-sharing is an audio adventure / ordinary remarkable audio efficiency / FM Radio being brought / lengthy battery lifestyles / quick charging / Charging on the Go / Aggressive pricing


Mounting footprint may be viewed as big / Some routines nevertheless shaky / manage sensitivity / mobile app purposeful however lacking sophistication / viable conflicts regarding enter feature & timings (being addressed even though) / Documentation needs updating


webBikeWorld has been evaluating Bikecomm products for the reason that round late 2010/2011, in having reviewed the early Bikecomm hybrid wired/wireless BK-01 and BK02 techniques and afterward, the standalone HOLA BT methods.

a few of them are still here in plastic storage containers and a couple of them get charged up and used now and then. specifically for Bluetooth tips and palms-on training activities where being in a position to see and show gadget evolution makes for some entertaining sessions.

but there was a lot of water under the bridge since then and Open road solutions, Inc., is concentrated on a brand new generation of Bikecomm items.

based in 2007, Open road solutions, Inc. is a Taiwan-based enterprise with a different pastime in the integration of lengthy-latitude communique Bluetooth audio and RF antenna-oriented items. Their ‘Bikecomm’ brand represents Bluetooth verbal exchange functions (product) for motorcyclists.

As Open road options works towards full advertising and marketing of the Bikecomm BK-T1 gadget that includes BT we’ve had a floor flooring view over the last couple of months. It has been respectable to have the insights offered regarding characteristic development and the ability to participate in one of the vital testings… one more wBW culture of kinds.

*notice: The Bikecomm BK-T1 items were supplied via Open highway options. Inc. for this review.

The BK-T1

The Bikecomm BK-T1 featuring Bluetooth is a brand new generation headset from Open street solutions Inc., reflecting a measured strategy and the utilization of creative applied sciences to produce and convey a product it is aggressive in an ever-becoming market.

that includes a styled curved holder with each clamp and adhesive mounts, the slim BT module locks solidly in to, the holder. The audio system and microphone layouts are a little diverse reckoning on the variant, however all have lengthy leads with color-coded modular connectors.

both variations are the BK-T1S (usual speaker set and boom or skinny wire microphone) and the BK-T1B (left speaker with integrated microphone and a separate appropriate speaker).

selected optional accent kits for every variant are available – incredible for alternative constituents or to provide 2d helmet installations. certain tips on the two versions and the linked (optional) accessory kits are offered later.

The headset leads use a parallel or flat-profile layout – skinny however effective and extremely convenient to work with thanks in gigantic half to the small connectors. On the BK-T1S the speaker and microphone accessories can also be installed separately with the harness then routed in the helmet and the connections made.

the entire accessories are neatly-formed and smartly complete in each regard. The BT module suits exactly into the holder with a sturdy connector pin interface and strong latch engagement and fine unlock tab.

The audio system in the thick padded covers are about ~20mm or thick, whereas the speakers within the skinny foam speaker covers are ~14mm or thick. This quarter-inch or so is very important related to helmet interior clearances vis-à-vis the ears (considered below).

The BK-T1S system package gives each the thick and thin speaker covers and substitute adhesive backing rings that serve double obligation in securing the thick or thin covers over the audio system whereas providing the ‘hook’ for the circular ‘loop’ pads that fit in the helmet recesses.

together with the skinny foam slip-on covers, are new adhesive backing rings that serve double duty in securing the thick or thin pads to the lower back of the speaker while providing the ‘hook’ for the round ‘loop’ pads that get mounted into the helmet for securing the speaker in vicinity.

every little thing crucial is provided, permitting the person to choose the gold standard mixture for healthy and luxury, devoid of compromising audio efficiency. Two microphones, one skinny wire, and one growth are protected.

BK-T1 elements

(Compiled from Open road solutions, Inc. media)

  • Bluetooth edition
  • Intercom distance – up to 1200m in open areas
  • conference intercom – up to five further methods (complete of six clients)
  • widespread Intercom mode
  • GPS navigation – hear GPS navigation instruction on headset, shareable
  • cellular telephone – auto answer, manual reply, & call rejection
  • twin telephones – headset can hook up with two cell phones
  • speed dial – three hot-dial number reminiscence
  • Voice Mixer (background mode) – able to take heed to tune in intercom or GPS in intercom mode
  • track – supports A2DP hello-Fi stereo
  • music Sharing – between two paired headsets
  • AVRCP – control music play – pause, music forward, & backwards
  • Auto quantity Adjustment – automatic volume adjustment counting on ambient noise
  • Wind Noise discount – get rid of wind noise when using at velocity
  • Voice Notification – indicates headset operation & popularity
  • Firmware upgrade – upgradeable by the use of pc application
  • water resistant – IP67 rated for rain coverage
  • G-Sensor – as activated, for system input operations
  • Charging on the Go – using moveable USB energy deliver or different, USB source
  • BK-T1 device alternate options

    all over this assessment, Open road identified that some mounting components have been being redesigned or upgraded.

    The module and holder have not changed, but there's a new ‘better’ holder layout in that a larger enhanced more practical clamp mount or adhesive plate provides mounting alternate options.

    because the new add-ons are nevertheless being produced, they were no longer obtainable for the evaluate. but the photos supplied with the aid of Open highway enable visualization of the revised layouts for BK-T1 device kits and the respective accent kits. The assistance offered under is the most latest and is or may still be close to the packaging to be viewed come this November.

    contains the BK-T1 BT (with FM) module, the enhanced holder with the newly designed clamp mount, built-in harness for left and right detachable audio system, and detachable increase or skinny wire microphone. The greater holder additionally works with the protected adhesive-backed base mount allowing the person to make a choice from both mounting alternatives.

    BK-T1S accent equipment

    made from an more suitable holder with steel clamp mount, a base mount with adhesive backing, micro-USB charging/records cable, left and right audio system and mounting pieces, increase and thin wire microphones, and short Operation book.


    contains the BK-T1 BT (with FM) module, the more suitable holder with the newly designed clamp mount, integrated harness with the hard-wired left speaker/microphone, and removable appropriate speaker. The stronger holder additionally works with the protected adhesive-primarily based base mount permitting the consumer to choose between both mounting alternatives.

    BK-T1B accent kit

    made from an enhanced holder with metal clamp mount and hard-wired left speaker/microphone and detachable appropriate speaker, a base mount with adhesive backing, micro-USB charging/records cable and short Operation guide.

    Helmet Installations

    Having four BK-T1 systems and all the accent pieces offers the capacity to utilize different helmets of differing styles for brought variety correct from the birth.

    And the continuing mission, if you will, is to fit and use the headsets on as various helmets as possible and on as a variety of bikes as possible – this is a key long-time period strategy and some thing it really is at all times finished.

    NEXX X-Patrol Helmet

    because the first helmet up, alternatives were tried on the NEXX X-Patrol Helmet involving speakers. The thick padded covers are too thick (as viewed under), however we now have alternate options.

    With the adhesive mount backing peeled away, the padded covers are slipped off and the skinny foam covers slipped over the audio system, with new adhesive mount backings applied – completed.

    With speaker mounting pads put in into the helmet speaker recesses, the re-covered audio system are oriented for surest wire clearance and with a little little bit of coaxing slipped into the speaker recesses.

    Being capable of disconnect every of the components while installation them is first rate, simply don’t overlook to connect the speakers and microphone earlier than completing the internal wiring. One additionally needs to believe routing and lodging of the small connectors.

    The evident NEXX cowl for its BT device is in the way of direction. With the BK-T1S holder and its adhesive backing organized, and a few extra 3M VHB pieces reduce to fill in one of the vital gaps, the holder/base is placed and pressed all the way down to beginning the 24hr curing – its all very comfy.

    SHOEI QWEST Helmet

    a standard BK-T1S base is used for this setting up on the SHOEI QWEST helmet, together with the thin-wire microphone choice. The thick padded speaker setup was great for the occupant as there's more than satisfactory room to accommodate the audio items.

    The thin wire microphone runs along the interior of the left detachable cheek pad and sits secured to the left front of the chin safeguard – first rate for audio pickup and out of how of airflow from the reduce front vent or coming in from the backside.

    The skinny bendy wire insert mount turned into tried, however is only too small and poorly fashioned to healthy properly between the outer shell and inner liner and it doesn’t supply tons guide for the BK-T1 base on the outside.

    This wire mount became also tried on the NEXX X-Patrol with the identical verdict. As such, the shielding cowl is peeled off the adhesive backing on the mounting plate for direct mounting to the outer shell of the helmet.

    LS2 VERSO mobile

    equipment three goes on to the (miraculous) LS2 VERSO mobile Helmet (presently below overview) in White/Black that replaces an growing old Bell magazine-9 Sena (with out the Sena). The VERSO helmet is three-quarter vogue with a full-face flip-down safeguard and integrated sun visor.

    once a placement turned into determined upon, the holder is secured in vicinity the use of its adhesive backing. The white face of the BK-T1 goes smartly with the white of the helmet – more than a couple of compliments were heard concerning the appear of the combination.

    The LS2 interior is effortless to work with and it best took about five minutes to deploy the thinner foam-coated speakers and with probably the most provided hook-n-loop pieces the boom microphone sits securely between the internal liner and the cheek pad.

    SCHUBERTH C3 seasoned

    For the very quiet modular SCHUBERTH C3 seasoned, using probably the most boomless (BK-T1B) methods was the logical method to go as a test setup and for ongoing use, youngsters the helmet is four years historical and coming to the conclusion of its existence cycle.

    The BK-T1B variant supplied turned out to be a very good option for this helmet. The small bulge of the microphone on the outer diameter of the left speaker is hard to determine under the thin foam speaker cover and each audio system healthy completely into the left and appropriate elongated (for speaker adjustment) recesses.

    With the audio system in area and related to the routed harness the internal work is done. As is the norm for better BT system fitment on this helmet, the BK-T1B mounting plate base sits at once behind the lower back-raised edge of the sun-visor slider body. The somewhat curved base suits completely onto the curved outer surface of the helmet.

    gadget Pairing & Connectivity

    featuring Bluetooth the Bikecomm BK-T1 equipment offers some regular and a couple of exciting aspects and capabilities regarding pairing, connectivity and performance. The BK-T1 short Operation e-book is well detailed although some additions and updates are expected.

    For this section the center of attention is on settling on selected points, together with central function and performance observations. The Intercom section that follows has all of the goods on that selected characteristic of the BK-T1.


    And no, the G-Sensor function, that could be overlooked, isn’t. it is a different and purposeful enter choice for some pairing, mobilephone and track operations.

    The G-Sensor is enabled/adjusted for sensitivity below the pc-based or app-based BK-T1 tool software. This function offers the capability to utilize ‘tapping’ as one of the ‘enter’ actions to trigger quite a few services. This function is an identical, to that used with the UClear action collection systems.

    part eight of the brief Operation e-book has a table listing the a variety of capabilities for which G-Sensor faucet input may also be used. environment input sensitivity to ‘Low’ offers the optimum enter response with out inducing some other blunders.

    cellphone Pairing & Use

    With the BK-T1 on, press ‘M’ button unless the ordinary purple/Blue flashing begins. alternatively, press the ‘M’ button and ‘tap’ the headset once to initiate pairing mode. 

    look for and set off the BK-T1 Bluetooth record on the equipment being paired. as soon as paired, the BK-T1 LED flashes Blue slowly.

    Two settings are supplied for cell phone Answering Mode:

  • manual: Or (default) mode is set by using pressing each ‘M’ and ‘V-‘ buttons together for eight (eight) seconds, demonstrated with the aid of “guide Answering Mode”
  • computerized: urgent both ‘M’ and ‘V+’ together for eight (8) seconds prompts the automated mode, proven by way of “automatic Answering Mode”
  • In use, both modes proved constructive. In automated Mode, the incoming call rings for roughly eight seconds, then it is immediately activated by using the headset. In guide Mode, a single tap on the module solutions the call immediately.

    If the BT connection between the BK-T1 and gadget is disconnected, urgent ‘M’ button as soon as restores the connection. The BK-T1 can connect with two mobile phones or two BT instruments at the equal time, although audio connectivity depends upon gadget feature support, switching and audio priorities.

    Three-velocity dial numbers can be entered beneath the velocity Dial atmosphere tab of the BK-T1 tool program. Press ‘M’ button three, 4 or five times for the first, 2nd or third number respectively. This feature additionally works well.

    GPS/Navigation gadgets

    With a standalone GPS gadget paired as per the cellular telephone method, the next step is to configure GPS audio extent for audio overlay (set as a percent) and if preferred, GPS sharing (sure/No) – both from the device software GPS audio setting tab.

    When configured by the use of the device software for a forty/60 audio overlay, navigation audio from the related BMW Navigator VI is heard as a foreground/historical past audio overlay. And if the GPS audio sharing is set to ‘yes’, navigation audio may be heard by using all intercom linked users.


    For test and reference applications, the four BK-T1 modules were recognized as S1 via S4 and labeled physically and electronically as paired Bluetooth devices. This keeps things clearer when checking out and deconflicts using letters for both the techniques and buttons as used in the documentation.

    user to person Intercom

    this is the least difficult kind as a 1 to 1 relationship between two users.

    To pair devices: With S1 and S2 became on, press the S1 ‘A’ button until its LED flashes a swift Blue; now press the S2 ‘M’ button – its LED flashes crimson/Blue. they will negotiate, shake hands, and as soon as linked – both LEDs flash a sluggish Blue.

    To spark off this 1 to 1 intercom session: Press ‘A’ once on both headset to spark off; a two-2nd push ends the session. And like most BT systems, each BK-T1 can pair with three different headsets. And like different BT techniques, the last-In, First-Out, or LIFO principle applies.

    community Intercom

    The especially simple chaining, by way of pairs, of assorted headsets using the factor to element or 1 to 1 precept (serial-based mostly). for instance this, the 4 supplied systems recognized as S1, S2, S3, and S4 are used, youngsters up to 6 techniques are supported.

    preliminary pairing to delivery: On S1, press the ‘A’ button except its LED flashes a speedy Blue, now on S2, press the ‘M’ button unless its LED flashes red/Blue, negotiation is started, and with the connection made a voice notification “headset A pairing completed” is heard – each LEDs flash Blue.

    Add the relaxation of the community: Repeat these steps between S2 to S3 and S3 to S4. as soon as completed, S1 and S2, S2 and S3 and S3 and S4 are paired. Reboot the entire programs as verification.

    To provoke this multi-part session: start with S1 – press its ‘A’ button once to spark off the S1 to S2 link, then press the S2 ‘A’ button and look ahead to the link to S3, eventually press the S3 ‘A’ button to open the final linkage to S4. as soon as all of the LEDs are blinking double Blue/single eco-friendly, the four-means is lively.

    immediate hyperlink Pairing for community Intercom

    here's probably the most advanced intercom feature offered up by means of the BK-T1 and once constructed up the usage of the four provided programs, it turned into a way to go for multi-celebration comms.

    Enter polling mode: With all 4 systems became on, put S2, S3 and S4 into pairing mode by means of keeping the back or ‘M’ button for 5-6 seconds until their LEDs go purple/Blue, with a double tone affirmation heard. All three methods go right into a ‘polling’ mode indicated by way of an extended tone repeated each three seconds.

    prompt pairing sequence: once all three are in polling or search mode, dangle S1 ‘A’ button unless its LED goes into a quick Blue flashing. After 5 seconds or so, the different instruments beginning to reply in a serial or chaining sequence; they had been laid out in a long row, 1 thru four…

    and naturally, S4 on the end turned into the final to pair – it took three tries, switching between the ‘paired’ announcement returned to polling indicated with the aid of the crimson/Blue LED. but after about 20 seconds it got here aboard so all 4 gadgets were paired, with each acknowledging their popularity by means of an announcement and their LEDs flashing a gradual Blue. Reboot the entire systems as verification.

    set off intercom session: With all four programs restarted, urgent the ‘A’ button on any of the contraptions effects in activation of a bunch intercom session inside seconds and comms supplied between all lively devices. The device LEDs reveal a double Blue/single eco-friendly sequence. 

    The automated restoration function disconnects and reconnects programs as they exit or come again in to range. clients can be part of or leave the community by way of pressing ‘A’ for two seconds. here is an outstanding function that works seamlessly. The neighborhood intercom supports up to six (6) users with clear communications.

    normal Intercom

    A frequent intercom capacity is supplied with the BK-T1 because of its regular Pairing characteristic. The feature isn’t listed peculiarly nor is there anything reflected within the present brief Operation ebook. 

    In elevating this as something perhaps ‘missing’, the procedure counsel (listed under) changed into supplied together with assurances that the documentation oversight is being sorted.

    right here steps (with the BK-T1 and target programs On) aspect the normal Pairing system:

  • Press ‘A’ button for 7 to 8 seconds except the LED goes to a continuous fast Blue flashing, a protracted polling tone is heard every three seconds
  • Put the different manufacturer headset into its gadget pairing mode (no longer intercom pairing mode), after five to 10 seconds, each headsets will beep and/or announce that pairing is successful. The intercom is now are living
  • time-honored pairing/intercom mode is indicated on the BK-T1 by means of the ‘related’ double Blue/single eco-friendly LED sequence. To delivery/stop the regular Intercom, press ‘A’ button twice to prompt and press it for 2 seconds to conclusion the established intercom session.

    systems validated with the Bikecomm BK-T1 ordinary Intercom feature to date:

  • Sena 20S/30K/10C – partial control from BK-T1, full control from Sena devices
  • UClear Amp GO and action collection instruments – full control from BK-T1 with reboot
  • Cardo scalarider Q1/Q3 – single instantiation, biking headsets requires new pairing
  • Cardo scalarider Packtalk devices – not yet validated
  • SCSetc S1 & S7 – full manage from BK-T1 without reboot
  • EJEAS short 20 – full manage from BK-T1 without reboot
  • Some further feedback on this function are provided:

  • Stopping the normal Intercom with 2-2nd push of the ‘A’ button works but a double push of ‘A’ it doesn't always delivery a new session (see above)
  • although, pushing the different company gadget activation button (like Sena cell button) regularly works completely to birth or cease the regular intercom connection, and
  • Turning the different manufacturer equipment Off, then On, works to fix the connection and restart the well-known Intercom session
  • Intercom latitude

    A maximum range of 1200m (3900 toes or 1312yds or is said and preliminary running and riding exams indicated that this claim is useful, together with minimal noise or audio degradation, very mighty connectivity, and recovery if the hyperlink is lost due to distance.

    On standard, noisy helmet, cockpit and surrounding environments considered, BK-T1 intercom audio from a 1 to 1 or a 1 to three configuration continues to be helpful over the long haul with nominal stages of 1000m + recorded and under most fulfilling terrain and environmental circumstances, 1200 to 1400m tiers had been realized.

    Some reduce in useful latitude is stated in dense environments (natural and manmade) and over undulating terrain, but again, customarily with little audio degradation and minimal noise – here is first rate.

    Connection management and restoration routines constructed into the programs optimize connectivity as clients flow past after which again into range and/or cease or delivery collaborating in a bunch.

    Two method Radio function

    This capability is not any longer supported by the BK-T1. here is unfortunate. In some markets including North the usa, longer-latitude two-approach radio conversation has a role and between the availability of Bluetooth competent radios and (as) needed PTT add-ons, its all still very potential.

    system Audio

    The individual speakers are about 45mm x 8mm ( x and whereas now not ‘heavy’ in assessment to many other speaker items used on different brand headsets, their performance is remarkable – extraordinary low to excessive tone fidelity, audio clarity, and volume without distortion.

    They aren’t (wholly) as much as the audio provided with the aid of the UClear Pulse pro headset it is my benchmark for helmet audio, however the BK-T1 headset is awfully shut…

    ordinary audio performance together with crisp clear intercom audio is aided by way of device noise filtering – a twin-step procedure that begins at the audio decide upon-up or microphone point in featuring low frequency noise discount on through to gadget-based mostly digital sign processing (DSP). it all works, audibly so.

    The switching of audio sources is clean and rather speedy typical, with the unusual ‘click’ or other electronic noise heard in short. The audio overlay function works equally smartly. It will pay to play with the (mix) percentage settings below the device program to locate the premiere degrees for each audio source.

    song streaming with Intercom audio overlay is clean – minimal noise or disruption except some intermittent scratching noise or, clicks when AVRCP features are invoked – deliberate or in any other case (greater on this beneath song Sharing).

    much less clean is the Intercom with GPS audio overlay. Navigation audio from standalone techniques in no way appears ‘reliable’ (too low, too loud, too scratchy) and its now not the fault of the BK-T1. Navigation app audio overlaid on to the A2DP tune circulation from the paired device is quality.

    Voice Notification

    slightly limited library, however the simple assistance is constantly supplied however counting on the connection or characteristic undertaken, notably with distinct BK-T1 methods. one of the anticipated notifications were not heard – this appears to change between programs. it works, but it surely needs work.

    tune Sharing

    song sharing is or has turn into a ‘regular’ characteristic of kinds for many systems nowadays. however functionality, – activation, streaming reliability, and audio performance nevertheless varies largely between manufacturers.

    Pair two techniques to start: The BK-T1 offers song sharing between two paired systems (now not the usage of the group intercom modes). As obligatory, do a one to one pairing and reboot the methods for verification.

    spark off song Sharing: With the two systems restarted and the paired A2DP song circulation to Set 1 energetic, press the ‘A’ button on Set 1 to delivery the intercom. as soon as the session is energetic, press the ‘M’ (back) button on Set 1 for 2 – three seconds except the “track Sharing” announcement is heard.

    Streaming on Set 1 is (constantly) interrupted for a second or two then it resumes (audio may also be reduce or louder, see word) and within two to 10 seconds tune sharing activates to Set 2. With an iOS gadget, it may be slower, with some important switching noise.

    (word – track sharing audio output or extent on either set depends on the present A2DP audio flow volume atmosphere on each of the two techniques – it isn't governed by using the initiating device. but expanding/lowering the paired machine’s output atmosphere does have an effect on the main A2DP circulate)

    Listeners are treated to mind-blowing brilliant audio. The BK-T1 characteristic provides a noticeable development in audio exceptional in comparison to at least three different manufacturers and their song sharing feature – another ‘this is respectable’.

    there were a few hiccups in getting the track sharing all started reliably though and after passing this statement back and a couple of more emails exchanged, a new firmware build become forwarded to are attempting. as soon as put in on two of the 4 verify programs, it resolved the initiation considerations.

    although, the process to conclusion music sharing is/become still very much a hit or pass over element – the step required three fast pushes on the quantity Down (V-), a manage this is challenging to use at any time, certainly with gloves on.

    more emails… and a repair may be applied. Open street is altering the conclusion music sharing step and may replace the firmware for this reason. The step will now be three (three) presses of the front ‘A’ button, a control that is lots less complicated to entry at any time with or with out gloves. This fix can be in place for the November unencumber. we will look at various sooner if the firmware is equipped.

    FM Radio feature

    shortly after beginning this evaluation, the absence of this characteristic turned into cited with the Open street rep who spoke back that FM isn't supplied for Asian markets (for understandable causes) however become being considered for North American markets. And as now proven, it might be an protected feature for November 2019.

    BK-T1 device software

    The BK-T1 device application utility is obtainable from the BK-T1 guide page for installing on a computer. as soon as installed, join the BK-T1 by the use of the micro-USB connection cable and if detected, the ‘opt for COM Port’ container will exhibit the machine. Clicking on the ‘Open COM Port’ tile activates the link with current device settings displayed on the tool software display.

    There are five tabs on the monitor: velocity dial environment, A2DP track setting, GPS audio environment, G-Sensor affiliate surroundings, and Firmware improve. each tab has atmosphere selection areas with explanatory notes. Don’t forget to ‘store’ all exchange – a pop-up container confirms alterations.

    G-Sensor environment – as recognized past, the G-Sensor setting alternate options (Off, Low, center and high) are selectable beneath the applicable tab.

    Firmware Updating

    download the newest compressed firmware file from the assist web page, then extract and reserve it to the preferred vicinity (ideally a firmware replace folder). Now click on on the ‘opt for firmware file’ tile, go to the folder, choose the file, and click ‘Open’.

    With the firmware file area showing on the monitor, click the ‘start firmware upgrade’ tile and wait two minutes – accomplished. a new firmware construct supplied late August ( managed to clear up the tune sharing considerations.

    BK-T1 tool application App

    The app is purchasable for iOS and Android gadgets from the respective down load websites.

    notice for iOS users – earlier than using the cellular App, dangle ‘A’ button of the BK-T1 and press ‘M’ thrice to activate its BLE mode. After the use of the App, flip the BK-T1 off to deactivate BLE.

    For Android users – install, pair/connect, and use the App.

    once the app is put in and the (appropriate) BK-T1 selected below the Bluetooth menu, launching the app opens up yet another view of attainable methods. assess the container on the preferred BK-T1 and the device to gadget hyperlink is made and the existing settings examine in.

    handiest four of the five tool application tabs are available as OTA firmware updating is not a characteristic of the cellular machine app, however it can be first-rate to look…


    This assessment has been an outstanding opportunity and a enjoyable one, thanks in giant half to the incontrovertible fact that 4 finished intercom techniques with add-ons had been supplied. here is how to make sure that the particular person or individuals who do the product reviews have (every little thing) vital.

    With more of everything on hand, the means to are trying (extra) mixtures for installations is facilitated and with extra concurrent helmet installations completed, extra multi-party trying out is facilitated, and so forth., etc., that you can’t talk about what you don’t have, or don’t discover…

    In giving the BK-T1 a bit of pre-liberate ‘teething’ house, there definitely isn’t a great deal to bitch about with the existing BK-T1 and it is going to be even stronger by way of November. everything identified in means of issue is addressable by the use of firmware, and we understand that's always a work in development.

    With the firmware updates completed and further enhancements together with the FM radio function achieved, Open highway options Inc., has a pretty good equipment on their palms with the BK-T1. 

    setting up in full-face, three-quarter, and modular helmets should now not be a controversy between both variations. The (non-compulsory) accessory kits provide users the potential to add a mounting plate and headset to a 2nd helmet and movement the detachable BT module to it in seconds.

    and i could be remiss in no longer deciding on the ongoing support from the Open street options representative who has been most inclined to share guidance, reply to questions, and share firmware updates – fine synergies indeed.

    final analysis: totally advised. The Bikecomm BK-T1 may also not be seen as a mainstream providing, however considering that its aspects like BT an impressive BT intercom characteristic with first-rate latitude and flexibility, and fabulous helmet audio, the gadget stands out from a very crowded market. Bonus – it is terribly neatly priced. Take a close look.

  • Bluetooth
  • Versatile fitment alternatives
  • Low profile BT module when fitted
  • neatly made, well becoming items
  • lengthy-latitude crystal-clear intercom audio
  • song sharing is an audio journey
  • standard fabulous audio performance
  • FM radio being introduced
  • long battery life, short charging, & charging on the go
  • Aggressive pricing
  • Con
  • Mounting footprint may be view as big
  • Some routines nonetheless shaky but being addressed
  • control sensitivity
  • mobile app useful however missing sophistication
  • feasible conflicts concerning input characteristic & timings
  • Documentation needs updating
  • Specs
  • manufacturer: Open road solutions, Inc.
  • Manufactured In: Taiwan
  • price: $ USD for BK-T1 methods, $fifty USD for (non-compulsory) accessory kits
  • Fitment: Most common kinds of full-face, modular, or three-quarter trend helmets
  • assurance: twelve months for headset, three months for accessories
  • fashioned evaluate Date: June-August 2019
  • Bikecomm BK-T1 Bluetooth Headset photo Gallery

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