Why are new phones now mostly Type C connectors?

I don't know if you have noticed that most of the previous Android phone's interface is Micro USB interface, which is the flat interface with narrow and wide width, but now the new mobile phone interface is Type C connectors, which is the perfect circle. Rectangular interface, then, why is the current mobile phone interface replaced with this?
Compared with the Micro USB interface, the main advantages of the USB-Type C (hereinafter referred to as Type C) interface are mainly these:
Do not distinguish between positive and negative
In the past, the Micro USB interface had to be found in the right and wrong before it could be inserted. Before using it, it was necessary to distinguish it. Sometimes the light is still not inserted, and it has to be changed. This is very bad in experience, and the Type C interface does not distinguish between positive and negative, you How to insert love how to insert, it is really convenient.



Faster transfer speed
Compared with the earlier Micro USB interface, the transmission speed of the Type C interface is much improved. In theory, its maximum data transmission speed can reach 10Gbit/s. Although it is actually difficult to achieve, it is a breakthrough compared to the earlier interface. It is.
Strong power supply
In addition to data transmission, the Type-C output voltage is also increased, providing up to 100W of power output, shortening the charging time, and enabling fast charging of various devices. Moreover, the Typc-C interface can realize bidirectional power supply: it can charge the device itself or supply power to the external device.
Strong compatibility
Compared with the earlier Micro USB interface, the Type C interface can be compatible with other data interface adapters. It can transmit audio and video signals and expand into a variety of audio and video output interfaces, such as HDMI, DVI, VGA interfaces, and even achieve 4K resolution. Expansion.
The emergence of the Type C interface undoubtedly solved the pain points of the early Micro USB interface, which is destined to lead the trend. However, when the real wireless charging technology emerges, there is no need to entangle any interfaces.

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