WiFi positioning waterproof watch DF44, accurate positioning brand new attack!

WiFi positioning waterproof watch DF44, accurate positioning brand new attack!Let's take a look!

As the holidays approach, children are about to embark on a relaxation season
Some moms and dads may be in for a "headache season."
- three in a row
Parents work outside, the child a person do not trust at home?
How to let children have a meaningful summer vacation?
What if mom and dad can't go out with their baby?

Parents are most upset about their children's summer holidays,
How to "overtake on corners"?
How to make summer vacation more valuable?
So keep getting kids to sign up for classes,
Expensive effort
Children work hard, parents work hard
Proper study is also highly recommended
But don't lose the fun of children to study
A brand new watch
We can make children learn through lively activities
An artifact that allows you to see your child's surroundings without being around

01.Crystal three colors
DF44 has been investigated and tested
I chose the three most favorite colors for kids.
"Crystal Blue"
"Jelly powder"
"Snow White"
Choose the color from the appearance to match the children's favorite visual effects



02.WiFi-aware watch that gives parents peace of mind
DF44 main function is WiFi positioning
Precise WiFi positioning
Let your parents see at a glance
More use of multiple positioning,
Track record,
Real-time tracking,
SOS one key for help
Use together
Let the safety index of the watch no longer have to worry
Parents are more at ease



03.7H explosion-proof crystal screen, "protection from inside to outside"!
I believe many parents will find
Children's things are not very useful
This reason is simply because children love
I will always be careful when playing games or living.
It’s not here, it’s broken, it’s broken.
do not worry
DF44 full 7H explosion-proof water drop screen
1.3 inch full HD screen
Give your child the best visual experience
Quality is also top!



04.Crystal case, the most exquisite watch
From the appearance, it is also a cute person.
Glass crystal case
Two-tone strap
Double and design
Every detail is the most refined



05.Keep the most authentic look
how you look like
By DF44
Self-timer at any time
Record memories in your life
Every moment of growth is worth recording
And we are just recording the carrier
Leave your true look every moment



06.IP67 waterproof



07.USB waterproof charging plug



08.Small size and large capacity
Big battery
Low power consumption
Long standby
Small bulky energy
After continuous summary
We extend the battery's standby time
Don't worry about the watch without electricity anytime, anywhere
Using low-power chips
Maximize the watch's standby time



09.Quality persistence, just for the best experience



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