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3g modem home alarm,Lot System,rj45 unshielded connector ,best 3G Smart Watch rj45 unshielded connector A wireless terminal device that converts IP data into IP data or converts IP data into serial data for transmission over a wireless communication network.best 3G Smart Watch The most basic usage of DTU is: smart bracelet watch bluetooth put a SIM card in DTU to enable GPRS function, power connector function register to GPRS network after DTU is powered on mixed Signal connector, and then establish connection with data processing center through GPRS network, as shown in the right picture. The connection involves wireless network operators, Internet broadband providers, customer companies' networks, 3g modem home alarm and the user's computer configuration. In essence, DTU establishes SOCKET connections with data processing centers. DTU is SOCKET client and data processing center is SOCKET server. SOCKET connection has TCP protocol and UDP protocol, DTU and center to use the same protocol, 3g sim card ip camera modbus relay access control system this is generally configured by the configuration software.

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