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Smart bracelet watch bluetooth The main body of the smart bracelet is made of medical rubber and memory rubber. rj45 unshielded connector The two ends are equipped with silver-coated metal caps, best 3G Smart Watch which are very suitable for wearing. mixed Signal connector A lithium battery with a battery life of up to 10 days, power connector function a vibration motor and a motion sensing accelerometer are built in. It has the functions of vibration awakening, sleep tracking, exercise monitoring, meal recording and so on. The smart band is a wearable smart device that allows users to record real-time data such as exercise, sleep, partial and diet in daily life, and synchronize these data with mobile phone, tablet and ipod touch, so as to guide healthy life through data. It is also a high-end pedometer, with general pedometer, measuring distance, calories, fat and other functions, but also has sleep monitoring, high-end waterproof, bluetooth 4.0 data transmission, fatigue warning and other special functions.

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